John and Betty Grosvenor

(This picture was quickly taken only days after we were married in Quartzsite, Arizona to get
a picture off to Marita Berkenshaw to start the pictures used for the Friends Forever images.
It was a very sunny day and we both were squinting   :-)

      Well, I quess it is time to work a bit on my page. I have been very busy working on everyone's pages, except for mine, as well as everything else needed to create this website for Ray and Sharon. Lately Sharon has been "subtly suggesting" I do mine. It is only days before we make the website "public" so I better get going.

      I would like to start with acknowledging one of the best Pastors I have ever known, Pastor John Stocker. Pastor John, retired former Senior Pastor of Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, Colorado "introduced" me to Israel through his teachings, through Israeli visitors coming to "Rez", the church's support of various organizations both Christian and non-Christian in Israel, and then personally when I took my first trip with him on one of his many touring trips to Israel. I first went to Israel with him in January of 2010. Wow, did the Bible come to "life".
Thank you, Pastor John! And thank you to both Pastor John and Ms Linda for being such great examples to the Body of Christ! Their website can be seen at:  http://www.truthwithjohn.com.
Go visit it and sign up for their monthly news letter!

      Since that first trip I have visited Israel five more times and the seventh trip is planned for this year. Just as a comment, I actually met Betty, my wife, in Israel on my second trip to Israel which was on a missions trip with Resurrection Fellowship's Missions Pastor, Pastor Mark Balderson. So, Betty and I were friends for about 6 years before we got married.

      Now - when did I meet Ray and Sharon Sanders - that is a good question. A question that I cannot answer exactly. I think I may have meet them for the first time when they visited Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, Colorado but it was some time prior to me going to Israel on my first trip. Then I think we visited their main office, on 7 Rav Kook Street, during my second trip but it was "more personally" on my third trip when I was with Resurrection Fellowship's Media Pastor, Pastor Adam Lowry and the Resurrection Fellowship Media Team. I was with the group that went to do a video of Ray and Sharon for their ministry Christian Serving Israel (CFI). I had the chance to be with them and talk with them for a while so I got to know Ray and Sharon a bit better on that trip. Then, after retiring for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Formerly the National Bureau of Standards), I started doing volunteer work for H.E.L.P. International (His Everlasting Love Prevails) and have helped load 5 or 6 containers with clothes bound for Israel and CFI. Since my retirement I have gone on a trip to Israel with Don and Jean Kay Wilson of HELP Int. and got to know the Sanders even better on that trip.
H.E.L.P. International's web site is at:  http://www.helpinternational.info

      Betty and I have also gone on several volunteer working trips with CSI (Christians Serving Israel), based in the Northern Front Range area of Colorado. (I will never forget when I rented an apartment in 2 Usha Street, on the corner of Tveryia Street. I walked all over Jerusalem from there - good memories :-). Because of those working trips I have come to know Ray and Sharon Sanders even better.
Christians Serving Israel web site can be seen https://christiansservingisraelblog.wordpress.com/category/volunteer . These are great folks to go to do some volunteer work in Israel with. If you would like to contact them please send an email to: swicfi@gmail.com. As mentioned, Betty and I have been with them on volunteer trips several times and would highly recommend these folks and their organization.

      On our last trip with Christians Serving Israel, Betty and I stayed in the Windows of Jerusalem on Yafo Street - what a "cool" place to stay! The last night with that group we all went out to dinner with Ray and Sharon. Betty and I sat close to Ray and Sharon and had a nice conversation with them..............Then, just as we are leaving, after dinner in a restaurant just off Ben Yahoda Street, heading toward our cars the question came from Sharon "Would you be interested in helping us do a website?" It didn't take me long to say yes. Now, here we are, close to 2 years later, ready to launch a very large web site for them.
It has been an honor   and a whole lot of work :-)    working with them and Marita Brokenshaw to do this website.

This picture was taken just moments before Ray and Sharon asked me to help build this web site.

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