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animated-gif-new-80  For an audio file of Sharon's teaching at the last Christian Friends of Israel Conference please "click" on the link https://spaces.hightail.com/space/m2Iwnlxdmw

The Sanders would recommend visiting:

Howard Morgan Ministries

at: www.HMMin.com HERE

Also, see their subscription YouTube videos on Youtube HERE.

And you can see their featured YouTube videos on Youtube HERE

Dr. Michel Calvo

His book: The Middle East and World War III - Why no Peace?       Foreword by Colonel Richard KEMP - CBE

A review of Alan Baker, printed in the Jerusalem Post on January 2, 2018 can be seen HERE

An article by Colonel Richard Kemp in the Gatestone Institute on January 17, 2018 can be seen HERE

Review of David Bedein printed in the Jerusalem Report on February 18, 2018 can be seen HERE

The QR Code explanation in English can be seen HERE

The conference made in Jerusalem can be seen HERE

An interview in English on I24News can be seen HERE

An interview in French on I24News can be seen HERE

Edward Zeltser

Ten days ago, on Yom ha'Atzmaut (according to the Jewish calendar), I've posted on YouTube my new music video "Blessed Rain".
The soundtrack for this video comes from the my original album "In Pursuit of Dreams", honoring Israel's 70 years of statehood.

This can be seen and heard at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OHYf_FsiBg

Nathalie Blackham

Her book written titled "The Beauty of The Hebrew Language"
The Hebrew Letters and Their Meanings.

Her website is at www.israelfirst.org

A link to purchase the book is HERE or "Click" on the first book image seen below.

The book "The Beauty of the Hebrew Language" has also been translated in French.

Here the info.

"Nathalie Blackham est née en France et s'est installée en Angleterre où elle a rencontré son mari, Martin.

Ils ont élevé et scolarisé leurs quatre enfants sur trois continents; Europe, Afrique et Moyen-Orient. Nathalie
co-présente le programme télévisé «Israël First» avec Martin. En 2009, en tant que journaliste, elle a déménagé avec
sa famille en Israël et co-fondé avec Martin ITLD TV studio, à Jérusalem.

Dieu lui a montré de la langue hébraïque, en particulier l'alphabet hébreu. Elle n'est pas seule dans ses découvertes.
Expédié à vous directement de la Terre Sainte.

96 pages de livre de poche. Imprimé en Israël.




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